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How an SME can benefit from a SAAS based billing system

The most common problem an SME has to face is a cost against levelling up service. Most of the time SMEs limit their business plan because of non-feasibility to an enterprise-level system. Especially when it comes to backend operation, a business usually limits their innovativeness and end up operating in a legacy system.

Why should an SME move to SAAS-based systems now?

The decision to onboard data to a new system is not easy, some questions will always be triggered: whether data will be secure? what if the system does not sync with the future business requirement? whether the cost of operations gets more than desired? whether up-gradation goes beyond cost feasibility? and so on.

Acquiring a complete setup of software for non-core activities is just not the right choice for SMEs, and that’s when SAAS-based software comes to play. Whether it’s a small-scale business or an enterprise, revenue is a vital part that cannot be compromised upon, and that’s why making a smart decision is significant for every move.

The benefits of SAAS based billing system for SMEs:

    1. Zero cost of ownership:

    The concept of a SAAS-based billing platform is very simple. Businesses can onboard themselves with their billing operation, without having set up the entire system. The operation will be cost-effective without the need for any IT expert.

    2. Bulk operations within the cloud:

    The perk of cloud-based technology is working efficiently without compromising on the volume of data. The cloud solution provides an option for flexible data storage and helps deploy a fully automated process.

    3. Deployment on the go:

    For an SME time matters a lot, and therefore avoiding unnecessary setups & installation is preferable. SAAS-based billing system provides a ready-made environment where SMEs can set up and deploy on the go.

    4. Automated billing and invoicing:

    SAAS-based system automates the entire process and streamlines the operation. Starting from bill calculation till invoice generation or customer communication everything will be automated with minimum intervention. Also, it helps in moving daily tasks faster and accurately.

    5. Customizing the operation:

    With SAAS based system one can get the flexibility of configuring and setting up the desired service process. Whether it’s about configuring bill cycle or combining rates/products/discounts or taxes. Everything is configurable as per the business choice.

    6. Scalability:

    In case the service provider wants to scale their process or integrate new CRM/Sales or any other required tool, it can be done easily without any 3rd party intervention. A SAAS-based billing platform will provide flexible API for required application scalability.

    7. Security:

    Security is the main concern for SMEs and especially while dealing with customer data and revenue. A SAAS-based environment ensures security and assured backup so that the business process doesn’t stop due to any digital calamity. Also, SMEs do not have to worry about password protection or user authentication.

    8. Accessibility:

    Even during working from home, employees can access the application from any point of the Globe via an internet connection.

    9. User-friendliness:

    For a start-up or SME, a user-friendly application often becomes an added advantage, especially because it cuts the dependency on an IT person, which is usually tough in a case of a traditional system.

An advantage for Subscription Business:

In the case of a subscription business, a customer subscribes to one or more services and pays for what they use, on the other hand, pricing and charging are up to the business. For a subscription business avoiding customer churn is of prime focus and hence requires a lot of effort, and to ensure this business needs to focus more on their core competencies and offerings. In such cases handling non-core activity like billing becomes added responsibility, especially for an SME. Therefore, a SAAS-based subscription billing software can help by offloading billing and subscription management, in turn, it will also help in cutting the additional cost of maintenance and IT support.

Truebyl understands the business requirements of SMEs, and therefore our SAAS-based subscription billing platform brings equal benefits to small-scale businesses.

Truebyl is an easy-to-use, smart subscription billing platform with all standard features. Truebyl can manage a huge number of subscribers with its cloud facility. Using this solution, you will have the self-service capabilities to onboard and registers your end subscribers. Our solution is not just limited to core billing, but also provides benefits to scale application capability and enhance customer communication.

Take your business to next level with Truebyl.