How does the Truebyl Tower Billing solution simplify the billing complexities of Towers and Passive Infrastructure?

Powering the towers comes with recurring expenses, and complexities arise when all the sites are billed monthly. Again verifying, validating, approving thousands of invoices, is a tedious task, and a slow process can surpass the due date. This doesn’t just push the requirement of the additional team but is also an expensive, time consuming and low efficient process

Truebyl-Infra billing platform is designed specifically to handle Tower & Passive Infrastructure billing processes so that Tower Management companies can focus on their core business and let the billing platform take charge of the billing requirement accurately and efficiently. Truebyl-Infra has built-in systems like Site & Asset Inventory Management, Workflow Management & Mobile Workforce, Convergent Billing, Landlord Management, Analytics and Integrations to streamline and automate the entire billing process

Why an automated cloud-based tower billing solution is better than manual processing?

  • Different towers have various parameters of billing (no of tenants, energy consumption, energy models etc.), and monthly bill generation puts enough pressure on the manual process. This will not just lead to human error but also a low reliable and inefficient process
  • An automated tower billing platform like Truebyl-Infra overcomes these challenges and saves time and cost, ensuring accurate billing and scaling with the growing complexities of Tower Infrastructure. Truebyl-Infra is a Cloud-based billing solution that helps in storing and processing the volume of bill data and brings agility to the operation with Automated Workflow / Processes, Site & Asset Operational & Finance View, Landlord Management & Document Repository, Convergent Billing & MSA Configuration and various other automated processes

Why Truebyl-Infra?

  • With years of experience in real-time rating and consumption billing of Telecom and Cable Operators (CSP’s) digital service providers and mobile tower installation companies, we developed Truebyl-Infra, with a vision to accelerate Tower management. We simplify billing complexity across multiple geographies and ensure efficiency and accuracy
  • Truebyl-Infra provides a complete set of tools, reports and automated processes to monitor and manage the tower billing process. The platform is rapidly scalable, digitally driven and has inbuilt processes like Convergent Billing, Landlord Management, Site & Asset Inventory Management, Workflow Management & Mobile Workforce and Analytics to manage the entire billing ecosystem of an infrastructure service provider from easy-to-use dashboards. The platform is API based and has no limitations in terms of integrations with other applications or legacy systems

An efficient tower billing solution that is designed to meet all billing parameters of each site

Truebyl’s flexible Tower infrastructure & energy billing solution “Truebyl-Infra” automates the process and provides a configurable billing environment. Our solution is customer-focused, scalable, minimize operational cost, and is built using state of the art systems to meet ever-growing complexity and brings agility to the business. We have deployed Truebyl-Infra around the globe, and, the platform is capable of handling multiple geographies, currencies, languages and taxation rules, based on the region it is being deployed. Now manage multiple geographical sites, tenants and bills from a single platform hassle-free, with Truebyl-Infra

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