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Truebyl offers Monetization and Revenue Management solution suites for Telecoms, Tower Operators and Utility service providers, among others. Operators around the world benefit from our industry-validated product suite and renowned Support and Consultancy services to accelerate their GTM strategy. 

Telco offerings

Truebyl offers lightweight SaaS-based revenue management products and services for Telcom Operators and Communication Service Providers

Towerco offerings

Truebyl offers cloud-based SaaS products and services for Towerco, Telecom Tower Infrastructure and Utility service providers to digitize their offerings

A SaaS billing platform for Telecom Tower & Passive Infrastructure business
Flexible Tower Billing

An automated cloud-based application to handle complex billing processes for towers across sites. Our ready-to-go platform is designed to handle different attributes of tower billing and fosters business management.

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An Industry agnostic solution

A common core platform with industry-specific layers (accelerators), making it truly convergent and rapidly deployable.

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Optimum Security and Privacy

Our API-first approach combined with HTTPS everywhere, 2-Factor Authentication, tenancy data isolation, GDPR, and PCI/DSS compliance ensure complete protection against theft or unauthorized use of your data.

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Self-Service Subscription Billing

Robust Self-Service SaaS infrastructure for agile monetization and payment management of subscription businesses. Our platform is cloud-enabled, multi-tenant, scalable, and supports  all major industry verticals.

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Experience at your Service

Robust SaaS infrastructure for agile monetization of your subscription businesses. It is cloud-enabled, multi-tenant, scalable and supports all major uses across multiple industry verticals

Migration Services

Supporting your data migration needs for transformation projects, effectively and efficiently.

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Managed Service Operations

Taking care of your day-to-day operations with a dedicated support team deployed at your premise acting as a part of your extended team.

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Business Assurance Program

Understanding your business needs and requirements, developing the best fit solution, testing them on your behalf, and implement them to ensure complete peace of mind!

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Ensuring high availability, reliability, and real-time support for applications to fuel your growing business needs.

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Built for your business needs

Truebyl allows you to integrate payment, checkout, subscription management and finance/data compliance effectively. Entrepreneurs can establish new business models instantly, enter new markets, enable friction-free renewals, and turn on new offerings.

Supports all your subscription billing needs
  • Scalable – for both small and big corporations, industry agnostic
  • Global payments via pre-integrated major payment gateways
  • Easily integrate with existing CRM and Product Catalogue
Seamlessly Accessible
  • Cloud based, Self-serviced
  • API for everything
  • Social sign-on for Business and End-subscribers
Completely Secure
  • Inbuilt IAM and OAuth2 access control
  • Webhook Security through payload signing
  • User configured Encryption keys
Truly Efficient
  • Automated operations, including charging, billing & payment reconciliation process
  • Offers built-in Customer Management and Product Catalogue features
  • Order to Cash – End-2-end Subscriber life-cycle management

Bank Level security, Infrastructure and compliance

  • Security


    • SSL/TLS everywhere
    • Data storage level encryption
    • JWT Tokens for API authentication and access control
  • Infrastructure


    • Customer-centric deployment models - Public SaaS, Private Cloud, Hosted or On-premise
    • Unified scalable platform allows SaaS businesses to harmonize various datasets
    • Reduced IT costs - price adjustments, changes in products and business models made easy, so anyone can do it
  • Compliance


    • Complies with all regulatory requirements related to data security, isolation and privacy
    • Revenue, tax compliance - Customers can proactively manage tax rules, revenue filing to avoid mistakes and fines
    • Backed by ISO certified services to ensure complete peace of mind

To help making business decisions

Mastering Tower Management Challenges

To address these complexities, many tower infrastructure companies in emerging economies have embraced automated technology for tower management.

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What makes a Subscription Billing Platform ideal for your Business?

To stay competitive, what are the basic requirements of a business: a strong core product, a well business strategy, great marketing tactics, and skills, is that all?

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Why business should not lose their time on app integration

A business starting from scratch may not require application scaling, however, an established business with an existing legacy system does require integration to meet the growing demand of Business.

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White Paper

For a B2C business, the ability to effectively communicate with a mass of customers helps the business to grow in the competitive market. In a subscription business, continuous communication is very important, which acts as feedback upon which the business can keep improving.

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Case Studies

Today’s business requires moving fast and solving every problem coming in the path of customer satisfaction. And for that, businesses need to be prepared to implement changes with every possible disruption.

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