How to onboard customers?

    - You can create an account of the customer individually or you can bulk upload using excel or CSV files.

Can a customer be removed from service?

    - Yes, customers can be removed or suspended from a subscribed product.

Can a customer hold more than one account?

    - Yes, a customer can hold more than one account. Also, they can have an account hierarchy (parent accounts and associated child accounts)

Does Truebyl manage advanced paid customers?

    - Yes, Truebyl manages both advanced paid and postpaid customers.

Can customers get a full and final refund after closing the account?

    - Yes, customers get a final refund (if they have any refund amount against their account) upon their subscription removal.

What are the payment gateways supported by Truebyl?

    - Truebyl supports all major payment gateways including PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, and so on.

How to receive payment from customers?

    - You can collect payment both offline and online.

How to get a demo of the product?

    - You can ask for a demo by clicking on the “Schedule a Demo” button placed at the top right corner of the page. Our experienced sales team will facilitate a demo to explain the platform in detail.

Can I enable Azure Authentication while login?

    - Yes, you will get an option to enable Azure Authentication while creating your profile.

How to start billing a customer?

    - The customer is considered for billing immediately after an offering is allocated to it. Based on the billing frequency of the customer the billing will be done.

Can a subscriber get billed weekly?

    - Our platform gives the flexibility to set billing frequency for a customer based on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly basis.

Can a suspended account get billed?

    - Yes, a suspended account gets billed, until it is completely deallocated. But it is your choice to charge or not to charge the customer during the suspension period.

Can I change my email address after creating a profile?

    - Email address used while profile creation cannot be changed later.

How many users can operate the platform?

    - The platform provides the flexibility to add users as per your requirement and there is no limit on number of users currently.

How to onboard and operate the platform?

    - You can onboard yourself through Truebyl’s self service sign-up interface. All you need is a valid email Id and in a few simple steps you can register your organization and start billing your customers.

    - Or you may contact us, and we will be happy to help you setup your organization on the platform

    - Once you are setup, you may configure your products and pricing and register your subscribers in the platform.