Recurring workflows often becomes complex and difficult to track and tackle when a mix of digital and manual process are involved at the same time. Defining and managing dependencies between tasks through manual controls becomes cumbersome. Efficiency usually takes a back seat, as the collaborative process can lead to gaps and inefficient monitoring

Hence, we developed Truebyl BPM a no-code Workflow Engine that collaborates with the Business, IT and Field teams over a single SaaS platform and allows you to define process templates on the fly and execute and monitor them in real time. This not only increase efficiency, but operations visibility as well, and gives you full control over any business process

How does the platform help your business?

Define dynamic BPM workflow templates consisting of automatic and manual tasks

Easily integrate data with the BPM flows and automate computations and decisions within the flow

Flow Visualizers for template development and operational monitoring

Powerful access management with help of built-in Identity Platform and dynamic skill definition and skillset based task allocation

REST API and Webhooks for easy integration with other systems

Mobile friendly GUI for your field force team accessing the platform from mobile devices


Truebyl BPM engine is industry agnostic. Following are a few use cases for Truebyl BPM industry wise

  1. Telecom – Define workflows for service fulfillment by integrating with switch & mediation systems
  2. Banking – Define workflows for cheque clearing including steps for manual verification and authorization processes
  3. Tower – Define workflows for preventive maintenance of tower assets, such as DG, Battery, Grid, Sloar equipments
  4. Insurance – Define workflows for claim settlement via multiple maker checker processes

Business Benefits

Monitoring and administration
  • Team structure (supervisor – subordinate hierarchy)
  •  View status of team’s active instances
  • Change an in-flight instances data value
  • Do task re-assignments
  • Force finish a Task (auto or manual)
  • Force finish an inflight workflow instance
  • Detailed webhook events
Instance data
  • Template defines the data payload
  • During instance creation the expressions are resolved, and the key-value pairs are persisted for the lifecycle of the instance
  • It’s possible to change the instance data during execution (with proper permission)
  • Supports all data types including files and images
Manual Task Assignment
  • Permission and skill-based task allocation
  • Multiple or single user allocation, reassignments by supervisor
  • Assigned user needs to accept Task to start its execution
Retry Automatic Tasks
  • Retry Auto tasks via template configuration
  • Supervisor can retry an auto task at any time (if it’s not already finished)

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