An interactive system that makes communication with customers more efficient.

According to global leaders, without effective communication most great businesses or relationships can fail. Therefore, having an agile system is not enough for a business unless you can engage with your customers using the most effective channels. A structured, interactive and on-demand communication method plays a vital role in subscriber retention and upselling, and thereby business growth.

With years of experience, we have seen the huge paradigm shift of B2B and B2C interaction; we understand the Omni-channel nature of communication. This motivated us to develop Truebyl-CCM, a smart Communication Management platform for your Business suited to the modern customer-driven era.

How does the platform help your business?

Rule based control over Content Delivery

Define dynamic business rules for priority based content delivery in a central place to offer a better experience to your customers, i.e. do not send bill reminders to your customers on their birthday

Integration with Apps

All your applications within the Customers landscape will be able to use Truebyl-CCM services via standard protocols (typically Web Service APIs), making it your single channel for all outward communication

Omni-channel Content Distribution

Send the formatted communication through more than one channel based on your subscribers’ preferences like Email, SMS, Social Media, Push Notifications, Web services just to name a few

Personalized Content Generation

You can generate personalized formatted communications for your customers in any selectable format that appeals to your target audience. The communications can include text only or files and documents like Telephone Bills, Short messages, Bank Statements, Utility bills, Reminders amongst others


  • Telecom & Communication Service Providers – Handle the end-to-end subscription process, from order to cash for Telecom, Cable & DTH
  • Banking & Insurance – Seamlessly handle recurring bill generation for customers followed by payment collection and maintains ledgers
  • Tower – Efficiently handles the recurring bills generated process for each tenant, assets, power, and payment collection. It also handles the interconnection settlement between operators for payment reconciliation
  • OTT/Media – Manages the subscriber’s lifecycle, their recurring subscription fees, also able to charge based on content consumed
  • Infrastructure & Utility – Supports usage-based bill generation for electricity, water, and gas. Can support smart cities for an end-to-end management

Business Benifits

Blazing fast

  • Truebyl-CCM orchestration and data integration capabilities offer superior performance for batch loads. Multi-threaded job executors and in-memory data sources are few examples of computation containers that speed up processing. Our live examples often show a 3-fold reduction of processing time compared to the old platform that it replaced for the same workload

API Platform

  • Truebyl-CCM offers its powerful Web Service API Platform for all your CCM processes. This makes it easy for other applications in your landscape to call your CCM services on-demand, thus saving on post-implementation operational costs
  • Truebyl-CCM also supports batch processing and scheduled job execution for all your bulk processing requirements

Fault tolerance, Throttling, BMT, Retry logic and Rules
  • Bounced Mail Tracking (BMT) is built in. Truebyl-CCM can search for bounced emails, figure out the bounce reason and rules can be defined to trigger forward processing
  • Since Truebyl-CCM provides a general-purpose orchestration platform, it's easy to configure your error handling strategy and retry logic
  • Truebyl-CCM provides a powerful Rules facility to configure logical flows within your processing logic
Proper Unicode support

Unicode is supported end-to-end. So, communications can be generated in any language of your choice. Truebyl-CCM is being used to generate customer communication in three different languages simultaneously by one of our customer

Traction Analysis

Truebyl-CCM provides easy ways to track traction from your communications sent to your customers and provide daily feedbacks on customers’ reaction with the content provided as part of marketing campaign or up-sell campaigns, so that you can plan future campaigns targetting the interested customer group

Best reporting platform

Truebyl-CCM uses Jasper as the templating engine. It is the most used reporting and data visualization tool in the world, with easy skill-set availability across the globe. Jasper Community Edition makes it easy to create your communication templates, while Truebyl-CCM provides direct integration with Jasper to manage, version, deploy and run the templates


Truebyl-CCM is built on Truebyl’s Orchestration Platform (Truebyl-IO) and uses its superior data and API integration capabilities to connect with all existing data silos to extract, correlate and merge all required data for your communication needs. In short Truebyl-CCM ensures easy integration, API for everything and cloud deployment

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