Staying competitive with this fast-growing market can be difficult especially when your services need to adjust to demand changes. A legacy system can hold you back from growth especially when it comes to myriad integrations that are necessary for seamless operations.

We understand how standalone independent systems become a bottleneck to the entire operation. To address the need for streamlining your subscription systems we created this special Integration and Orchestration Platform. We believe this truly will add value to your business.

Truebyl-AIO a low-code middleware platform with API, Rules, Integration and Process Orchestration functions and BPM workflows ease your digital transformation journey. It comes with the right set of tools and capabilities in a single package to make your business more responsive to change. Our platform can connect & integrate with your data sources through easy configuration making day-to-day management much easier.

How does the platform help your business?

Truebyl-AIO is an Integration, Orchestration and API Platform

  • Truebyl-AIO allows the integration of disparate applications through configuration. It implements integration projects faster, safely, and economically
  • Truebyl-AIO acts as an API gateway for your legacy apps and helps protect legacy investments
  • Truebyl-AIO provides agility to your business by connecting and coordinating applications and data on-premise as well as in the cloud
  • Truebyl-AIO provides a powerful BPM engine to support both automatic and manual tasks


    • Telecom & Communication Service Providers – Integrates disparate applications through configuration in the solution landscape and allows to set up customer order management and orchestration
    • Banking & Insurance – Dynamic rule engine for rates/premium calculation and integration of all applications in the IT landscape
    • OTT/Media - Integrates with CRM and media gateways for providing rule-based dynamic decisions for better customer support and retention
    • Infrastructure & Utility - Orchestrate complex building projects by integrating with vendor subsystems easily and providing a unified way of project management status

    Business Benifits

    • Agility - businesses can respond to changes in real time as development cycles are replaced with configurations
    • Economy - businesses can drastically cut cost-of-change using a 'no-code-platform' like Truebyl-AIO
    • Simplicity - Truebyl-AIO acts as Integration and API hub that helps eliminate spaghetti connections, data duplication, security holes, data inconsistencies and resulting maintenance overheads
    • Truebyl-AIO provides a Model Flow Action so you can create and visualize the entire process flow. An interactive diagram that shows useful information and allows editing of any node in the model
    • Computation containers - This lets you configure complex computations in your flows including multi-threaded job executions, scripted logic, sequences, branching, and loops among others
    • Automatic API creation - Expose your configured flows as API in a few clicks – no coding required
    • Secure Webhooks - Embed events within your flows and let other apps get notified on time using secure Webhooks
    • Scripting Sandboxes - Truebyl-AIO supports Javascript, Lua, and Python as scripting languages that let you implement complex custom flows
    • Flexible Access Control - Truebyl-AIO server’s modular deployment architecture and CRUD based access control allows flexible and fine-grained access control for all your API

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