As we move away from a customer-centric era towards a subscriber-centric era, a change from the old legacy billing ideology to a lightweight and flexible billing portal is the need of the hour. Businesses would need quick deployment ensuring accelerated revenue delivery

Hence, we created Truebyl - A simple yet flexible self-serviced SaaS Platform for all subscription businesses. It is an automated cloud based, multi-tenant, self-service Revenue Management Platform that takes the pain away from recurring billing. Use Truebyl to transform your Customers into Subscribers

With Truebyl it is simple and easy to start your subscription business, of any size and in any industry. You can start generating revenue immediately, whilst your subscribers are hooked on to your services. It is exciting, easy to manage and very user friendly as “you” define your packages in few simple clicks and your business is market-ready. Truebyl’s infrastructure automates product configuration, subscription management, checkout, and payment to create an unmatched buying experience for consumers

How does the platform help your business?

  • It is a simple yet flexible Revenue Management Platform
  • It is industry agnostic and consists of a common core platform with industry-specific layers (accelerators) above it, that can be customised
  • Offered as Public SaaS, Private Cloud, Hosted or On-premise, it facilitates all your business needs
  • It complies with all regulatory requirements related to data security, isolation, and privacy
  • Its API first approach enables easy and secure integration with your existing systems
  • It is backed by ISO-certified services to ensure the highest quality and peace of mind


  • Telecom & Communication Service Providers– Handle the end-to-end subscription process, from order to cash for Telecom, ISP, Cable & DTH
  • Banking & Insurance – Seamlessly handle recurring bill generation for customers followed by payment collection and maintain ledgers
  • Tower – Efficiently handles the billing process for each tenant with capabilities of both energy and rental billing. The site, Asset, and Inventory management along with asset tracking and tagging. Landlord management and self-care for landlords. Manage landlord payments
  • OTT/Media – Manages the subscriber’s lifecycle, their recurring subscription fees, also able to charge based on content consumed. Supports dynamic pricing, discounts and offer management
  • Infrastructure & Utility – Supports usage-based bill generation for electricity, water and gas. Can support smart cities for an end-to-end managemen

Business Benefits

  • Fully self-serviceable, automated charging, billing, and payment processes
  • Consumer Self on-boarding to Consumer Portal, a self-service portal with social sign-up making it more convenient
  • Built-in global payment integrations supporting customers’ preferred gateway for easy transaction making
  • Automatic dunning and credit control actions
  • Offers built-in customer management and evolved product catalogue features
  • Allows integration with existing CRM and product catalogue or any existing landscape system
  • Pre-integrated CCM platform with communications API
  • Pre-integrated workflow engine and automation, supporting both automatic and manual tasks
  • Easy customization of mobile apps for end-users
  • Real-time dashboards & configurable reporting

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