The success of any transformation project depends on how effectively and efficiently the data is migrated from the existing platform to the target platform. Truebyl has been addressing this area by way of billing implementations done over a long period. With over 30 migrations done over the past years, Truebyl adds significant values in this area in terms of

  • Knowledge of customer business (domain)
  • Understanding of the Legacy data structure
  • Understanding of Target data structure
  • Transformation of existing system data as per the requirement of a Target system
  • Shorter time to migrate from legacy to new system
  • Data accuracy
  • Optimal costs
Often data migration poses a challenge and the impact is significant
  • Missing or incorrect meta-data
  • Duplicate data
  • Data mismatch between different sources
  • Lack of data integrity
  • Lack of understanding of the functional context
  • Customer bill shock
  • Revenue leakage
  • Effort & cost overrun
  • Schedule overrun

Truebyl’s data migration capability is further bolstered by a team of seasoned professionals:

  • Highly competent team with experience of multiple data migrations across the globe
  • Deep domain knowledge
  • Onboard SME’s with a good understanding of your industry
  • The average experience level is more than 10 years
Data Migration Process & Methodology
  • Data Migration Strategy (DMS) Document details the migration approach. DMS also contains the volumetric for all data to be migrated
  • The Data Migration Requirement Specification (DMRS) contains the mapping between Source and Target data structure
  • The DMS & DMRS documents are submitted to the Customers’ Technical Review team for review and acceptance before execution
  • Proprietary tool for ETL & Orchestration
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